A Feast of Snacks is a musical made up of several smaller musicals, each between ten and fifteen minutes in duration.  It’s best to not get too attached to any one of them, as they’re all in a state of nearly being over.  The entire experience is what we like to call the “dim sum of musical theater”.

The component musicals have enjoyed performances individually in ten-minute play festivals around the world, where they have entertained miniature audiences and won several miniature awards.  Thus battle-hardened from their trials on stage, they have returned to join forces in one giant production, more powerful than the sum of its parts, much like Voltron.  (If you think that’s a bad simile, rest assured that we’re just getting warmed up.)


Michael Gordon Shapiro writes music for film, television, and video games in order to finance his musical theater habit.  He has an expensive and underutilized degree in Cognitive Science from Carnegie Mellon, an M.A. in music composition from New York University, and a certificate in Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television from the University of Southern California.  He started writing short musicals in 2004 and plans to keep going until someone passes a law.

Visit www.mikemusic.com for information about Michael’s music for film, television, video games, and concert music

  1. *The Charmed Life was co-written with Mark Harvey Levine.  Visit Mark on the web at www.markharveylevine.com



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